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Dash of Sweets specializes in custom decorated cookies for any occasion. All cookies are made from scratch and decorated to make your occasion as tasty and memorable as possible.

Supporting Small Businesses

I have been blessed with the opportunity to support a small business from my hometown, White Mountain Tees, in Snowflake AZ for almost 6 months.
They had come to me with the idea of a reoccurring order twice a month of t-shirt cookies with their company logo, I jumped at the idea because not only would my small business help their small business but they would be helping me as well.
Each cookie that is distributed has their logo on it but my information is also on the packaging. I have received orders from this process and I love how we can support one another in our dreams. 

My apprentice

My 5 year old daughter's attempt at turning a leaf shaped cookie into a turkey. 

Just a tasty reminder than they watch us (closer than I would like sometimes), and that we need to be someone they look up to. 

I can't wait until she perfects her flooding technique, she'll be unstoppable. Don't you just love the white eye lashes? She said "that's so they'll know it's a girl turkey!"

My Cupcake Addiction

I have been following  Elise Strachan on www.mycupcakeaddiction.com for quite some time and I am so glad I was scrolling through Instagram at 11pm last night or I would have missed that she was going to be here in Arizona today. 

I loved listening to her tell the backstory of how she got started and amazed at how far she has come. Her cookbook is chalked full of fun and yummy treats and awesome ways to hosts a fabulous party.

If you have a chance to meet Elise or even just pick up her book, you will not regret it. I was pretty star struck myself, and who can get over that accent, it's the best!

Halloween Cookies

The Halloween cookie fever is going strong here today and thanks to www.instagram.com/ks.cookie.creations/ for the inspiration for this bunch of scary faces! 

I whipped up a couple dozen because nothing makes getting Halloween "Boo'ed" more fun than finding these little cuties on your front porch. 
Plus, ding dong ditching is still one of my most favorite things to do! 
Although literally carrying my 5 year old while running out of sight is more of a workout than I bargain for 99% of the time. I probably need a workout (or 100) after eating more monsters than I'm willing to admit.