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Christmas with Mrs. Claus

As a mom, I have found there is so much pressure (most unnecessary I might add) to have your kids included in every class possible so that they do not get bored, left behind, or socially stunted. Really?? 
Growing up in a large family I didn't have the luxury of being entertained every minute of every day by our parents or other adults. To tell you the truth I am grateful I wasn't because it did give me time to be bored, to learn to find my own fun, and to just learn to be content being on my own. 

When I became a mom, I still had a full time job which lasted until my second child was due. As I was learning to navigate motherhood to two children (soooooo much harder than a full time job!), my daughter had many opportunities to be bored but I began to looked for little breaks not only for myself but for my 2 year old. We found pre-school classes offered by Gilbert Parks & Recreation. They were a wonderful answer to our needs and I would recommend them to anyone with young children. 

Every December Gilbert Recreation Center has "Tea with Mrs. Claus" and this year I was asked if I would donate cookies and attend with my kids. I happily accepted because GP&R has been a wonderful part of my children's lives and learning. 

Tea included Santa's elves mingling with guests, yummy food from several local businesses, story time with Mrs. Claus and a surprise visit from Beauty and the Beast.  My kids loved every minute of it and I am so grateful to this community and the efforts they put forth and I was honored to be asked to participate.