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Dash of Sweets specializes in custom decorated cookies for any occasion. All cookies are made from scratch and decorated to make your occasion as tasty and memorable as possible.


2018 IS 

I am accepting orders for 2019. 

Star Wars

Back in February I had an order request for a Star Wars themed baby shower set:

This set was my biggest hit on my Facebook and Instagram pages, so much that last month I received an email from a tv station out in Phoenix, Your Phx CW, asking if they could feature my cookies. 
I was floored by this request. They asked if they could come to my home and film me making cookies. I no longer live in Phoenix and was a little deflated that it wouldn't work out, so I asked if I could have pictures taken by my friend Sara and ship the finished cookies to still be featured, they gladly accepted the plan change. (happy dance!!!)

Below are the pictures of the process and finished product and at the very end is the link to the Facebook segment from Your Phx CW.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it. 

Supporting Small Businesses

I have been blessed with the opportunity to support a small business from my hometown, White Mountain Tees, in Snowflake AZ for almost 6 months.
They had come to me with the idea of a reoccurring order twice a month of t-shirt cookies with their company logo, I jumped at the idea because not only would my small business help their small business but they would be helping me as well.
Each cookie that is distributed has their logo on it but my information is also on the packaging. I have received orders from this process and I love how we can support one another in our dreams.